Consider Coaching 

WHY Consider Coaching?          
Coaching is a proactive, directive, holistic approach that enables clients to achieve their maximum potential in many life areas.  Recently, our coaching has also incorporated spiritual and metaphysical aspects to accommodate many of our clients in this area. Coach and client meet in-person or online on a regular basis to assess goals, create achievement strategies, monitor progress, and work through any problem areas. Many will testify to the benefits and life-changing experiences they have had using this approach.  The purpose of coaching is to heal, thrive, and feel empowered, alive, and passionate about life.

Our Goal: To prepare you, so that you can become a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

Still, some have reservations. Two of the most common roadblocks to a person entering coaching are fear and anxiety.  Both of these responses can cause people to stay away from coaches and other health-care professionals.  Sometimes we need specialists, whose training and life experience combine to better understand what we're going through.  A coach can understand our goals and help us get to the next step.   


Who Can Benefit from Coaching?
Anyone who feels they would like to make changes or more progress in a particular area of their lives.

What Is the Coaching Process?

Each session will be tailored to your specific requirements.  A sample of the process includes:

  1. Establish Where You Are Now
  2. Set Goals
  3. Evaluate What Might Get in the Way
  4. Determine How Strong Your Innter Belief System Is
  5. Find Ways Forward 

If you don't create change,
change will create you.

What Does Hypnosis
Feel Like?

A light trance is all that is necessary to obtain the results you would like to achieve.  Hypnosis is natural, normal and so familiar that a light trance feels no different from relaxation.  Many people come to a hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance that is different than their normal state of consciousness and this simply is not the case.  DO NOT expect to feel hypnotized.  DO expect to feel relaxed. 


Almost everyone experiences a light
state of hypnosis several times throughout an average day.

Driving long distances often puts us into a daydream state we call highway hypnosis.  You drive your car subconsciously while your thoughts are somewhere else.  If you’ve ever lost track of time while watching TV or listening to music, you may have been in light hypnosis.

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